There really isn't much to see here as of right now.

I'm in the process of wrappng up the changes to the Movable Type Template

I'm hoping to have a majority of it wrapped up Soon; so I can get back to blogging as normal.

As I'm working out the bugs if you can't see something or something is hard to read let me know.

Well as normal as blogging gets for me anyhooo......

Posted by phineas g. at 03:10 PM on April 28, 2005

Wow! Me looks more polished than the blogger site.

Posted by: sadie at April 26, 2005 05:50 PM

Thanks, I'm still playing with it. Hopefully I'll have it wrapped up tonight or tomorrow.

Once again I owe you big time.

Posted by: phin at April 26, 2005 06:28 PM


Posted by: Pixy Misa at April 27, 2005 07:00 PM

Wow, the text is, like, really really tiny.

Welcome to Munuvia, Phin!

Posted by: Tuning Spork at May 1, 2005 06:59 PM

Awww. Don't think of it as owing me.... Just catch me next time I fall & trip;-)

Posted by: sadie at May 1, 2005 10:39 PM

new site looks good!

Posted by: moehawk at May 2, 2005 10:23 PM


TS: I found the problem and fixed it. IE does strange things with the Font-Size % routines.

Posted by: phin at May 3, 2005 03:45 PM


Posted by: Susie at May 3, 2005 09:23 PM