Linky stuff

Here are my ADD laden reading recommendations for monday.

  • basil says that Augusta isn't so bad, if you're going to a baseball game. Ladies Hootie says you still can't join.
  • Confederate Yankee, my older and sometimes wiser brother, has a public safety announcement regarding journalists. He's displaying the sometimes wiser part this time.
  • Feisty has a new home and it's in MuNuviana. There goes the neighborhood. Oh and welcome to the nut house Christina.
  • Sadie describes the oddness of blogging. I'm just glad I wasn't directly mentioned.
  • Kathy reminds us all that hell hath no fury like a woman. Nope women don't have to be scorned to be hell on wheels.
  • Silk learns about sharp knives, lemon juice and stupid people.
  • Mustang is beer blogging. Mmmm beer.

Posted by phineas g. at 01:00 PM on May 16, 2005

What do you mean, "sometimes wiser?"

Posted by: Confederate Yankee at May 16, 2005 01:19 PM


I think the neighborhood was well on its way before I arrived...

Thanks, Phin!

; )

Posted by: Christina at May 16, 2005 07:15 PM