A visit to the doctor's office

I was in the doctor’s office, my general physician, earlier this week. Apparently my doctor also handles some feminine issues to phrase it nicely. They put me in a waiting / examination room I either haven’t been in before or haven’t paid attention to the decorum.

In the room there’s a table with the stirrups, posters of different gynecological health related issues. Do they really need to put posters up of that stuff? If you’ve got the problems these posters were describing I’m pretty damn sure you’re going to the doctor. But that really isn’t the question that’s been eating at me.

Every time I’ve had to “disrobe” they leave the room so I can put on one of those gowns that covers absolutely nothing in the front. And have you noticed it’s typically cold in the doctor’s office? Shrinkage anyone? Not that I’m trying to impress my doctor, but would it hurt for them to bump the thermostat up a bit and help a guys ego out a bit? But that really isn’t the question that’s been eating at me either.

See what I really don’t understand is why in one corner of the room gynecological exam room there was a changing area with a curtain, bench, etc…. Granted I’m not an overly bashful person and it takes quite a bit to embarrass me. So maybe I just don’t get it. But if the doctor is going to be eye level with *ahem* your goodies is there really a need for a designated changing area?

Update: Somebody e-mailed me and let me know I was wearing the hospital gowns backwards. No wonder I got all those strange looks when I walked though the doctor's office.

Posted by phineas g. at 09:59 AM on May 26, 2005

You know what? I've never thought about that before -- why have a changing area if it's going to be out there in the open for the doctor and nurse, and usually they aren't in there when you're changing into the skimpy ass gown anyway.

And now that I think about it, my doctor's office doesn't have any of them changing areas :O

Posted by: Jo at May 28, 2005 04:38 PM