The WaPo strikes again...

The Roberts just can't get anything right, at least in the minds words of the moonbats extraordinaire. The demonizing of the Roberts family has begun " ...Jack -- having freed himself from the controlling grip of his mother -- enjoying a moment in the spotlight...". But that's about as cognitive a thought as Robin Givhan was able to choke out in her article that is reminiscent of notes passed between prepubescent girls in grade school.

The topic of her post: SCOTUS Nominee John Roberts' family and their attire. The picture of the Roberts family and President Bush is captioned with "Even the clothes are conservative". Ah yes the old tactic of when in doubt attack the person....'s family....'s clothes.

If the best the Liberal Media's crack staff of reports is able to come up with is slander of apparel then there shouldn't be any problem getting John Roberts approved.

Hat Tip: trying to grok

Posted by phineas g. at 10:00 AM on July 25, 2005 | TrackBack