Fun with Sales Reps.

An impending trip to Vegas brings to mind one of the better practical jokes I've played on a co-worker. Well I can't really say worker since the target was a Sales Rep for our company, so we'll go with co-employee.

The co-employee had always fancied himself a ladies man. On trips and meetings he would slip his wedding band into his pocket and hit on any female between the ages of 18 & 80. Him being a manwhore was bad enough. The problem the owner and I had was his actions around clients (he'd hit on them too) and the way he oversold our products (nothing like an empty promise or having to work overtime to meet a borderline impossible deadline).

Anyhoo, we were holding a conference in Vegas several years back and a group of us were amused as said Sales Rep continued drank heavily and hit on any woman in site. After we'd closed down the entertainment suite, with an open bar, we dropped the highly inebriated sales rep off at his room. We made our way out of the casino and down the strip to see the sights of Vegas. As we walked down the strip we encountered several "ladies of the night". Well I wouldn't really call them ladies, I think crack whore might be a better descriptor. (Keep in mind that the oldest profession isn't legal in Las Vegas.)

After a bit of joking around we decided to slip some cash to a several of the ladies (at various intervals) to pay the Sales Rep a visit. Needless to say the Sales Rep wasn't quiet sure why he had working girls banging on the door to his room at all hours of the night. Never let it be said escorts don't have a sense of humor.

'twas bad enough the poor sap had drank himself into a stupor, with all the lady callers banging on his door though the night he couldn't really sleep it off. Somebody also put several ladies up to calling his room (which I had nothing to do with), so between the phone calls and hookers banging on his door he managed to get about two hours of sleep.

For some reason he didn't make the next conference we held in Atlantic City a couple of months later and within a year he'd decided to find another place of employment.

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