Pimpin' time

It's votey time for the Ladies over at aaron's. At stake, a place of notoriety in the Deck O' Bloggers Heart suit.

So I ask, is there anybody more deserving than Madam Sadie? Really she doesn't ask for much and she gives...*ahem*...so much in return.

So Clickity over to aaron's and get to voting for Madam Sadie in the sidebar.

Once you're done feel free to check out the boobs in the extended entry.
But only once you've voted for Sadie. We've got our best investigatory staff on it and if you cheat we'll send our rabid hamsters to your house and you know that means don't you?

Well don't you???

I'll wait while you're voting.

Anyhoo on to the boobies...

I didn't say they were pretty boobs, or even my boobs for that matter.

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Posted by: Sadie at November 12, 2005 07:30 PM