As trudge along through the New Year undoubtedly there will be ethical conundrums we shall have to deal with. Dilemmas we must confront head on, else they will haunt us every waking moment.

Though these will be trying times fear not for you are not alone.

When faced with a dilemma it often helps to think about how others would react, especially those beings who are morally superior and virtuous by nature; those beings so righteous the mention of their name oft strikes fear and feelings of impotence into the faint of heart.

Someone like this man.

So as you deal with life's little trials and tribulations just ask yo'self:

What Would Velociman Do?

And when you find that the Velociquestion™ helps solve majority life's problems just don't forget to pay homage with a slice or two of key lime pie; the Velociman do get a bit touchy when his limes go missing and the scurvy sets in.

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The good news is I've already done it. The bad news is I ain't talking.

Posted by: Velociman at January 3, 2006 10:35 PM