RINO Sightings

Rusty proves he's still Jawalicious after all these years. How? By celebrating his second blogiversary and helping to catch a terrorist.

Don Surber says that Abramoff Makes The Case For Term Limits and pulls in three prime examples.

Politechnical found something really scary. Sean Hannity and Pat Buchanan discussed Iran and made absolute sense. That’s why I’m frightened, me too.

Dan of Seachlight Crusade discusses More Eminent Domain Thievery. And says "by removing the money incentive for abuse, you're pulling the rug out from under the reasons why it happens, as well as insuring that the victims of condemnation are compensated justly."

Agent Bedhead Eminem Post-Nuptual Interview. Would the real slim shady please stand up? Really nobody wants to see Marshal no more, what am I chopped liver?

Orac tells us about the loon running Iran. He really is that crazy. Funny, when I started slipping they put me in a padded room, this guy gets a country, millions of followers and a big red EASY button (carefully their Ahmed, that button'll cause it to rain more than printer cartridges).

Lousiana Libertarian provides us with a preview of the State of the Union. Complete with commentary from the captain of the Chappaquiddick Swim Team, Ted Kennedy. At least Teddy's only talking instead of offering driving lessons.

The Commisar shows us how to spell with flickr. I've already gots enuff problmes spellun, I donts need any hep.

For the Faux Michael Moore Controversy check out Decision '08. Matthews really didn't call Moore a terrorist, although he did say Moore was environmentally unfriendly and responsible for 65% of the world's greenhouse gasses.

Cardinal Martini wants to start a Muslim Sorority. Because nothing says dead sexy like an obedient woman sporting a burqa.

Bloodspite says parting is such sweet sorrow (part 2). A modern day ghost story.

Kat from The Wisdom of Change sends a letter to the Concord Monitor's editors discussing Parental Notification Letter.

Gary the Ex-Donkey wants Order in the Court. And helps us fondly remember the past with This week's 80's Crush: Elisabeth Shue.

Restless Mania never expected the Catholic Church to take the side of Darwin. Now about that Flying Spaghetti Monster, when is he going to get the credit he deserves?

John of Castle Argghhh says something about Murtha. And explains the difference between Mssrs Kerry and Murtha is that Kerry waved his credentials at everybody, used them to hammer on President Bush, and made his credentials the issue.

Buckley F. Williams presents us with Little Know Facts about Jack Bauer. He left of the part about Jack Bauer killing kittens with a hammer, because that's just mean.

Piglito says... Nuclear deterrence is back in vogue. And he's getting advice from a magic 8-ball (I thought I was the only one still doing that).

From Scott's Point of View, Hillary's a Hypocrite (she's a hippo from my point of view too).

Larry tells us why he isn't Liberal.

Digger of Digger's Realm says Gil "One Bill" Cedillo rides again as he Introduces the Illegal Alien Driver License Bill. How does one legally give something to an illegal?

Eric of Classical Values wonders if there's a new species of RINO. Is it possible to be a Republican In Name Only In Name Only? A RINO-INO? Sure most days it beats being a Wino, of course on other days nothing beats a nice warm bottle of Mad Dog 20/20.

At legal redux there's a review of the ACLU's suit to stop President Bush's "spying". Now if we could get the CIA to stop with the mind control rays.

Barry of enrevanche lets us know about Patriots to Restore Checks and Balances.

AJStrata of The Strata-Sphere reviews a Quarter Century of Conservatism. A tribute to Reagan on the 25th anniversary of his inauguration

The Unabrewer tells us about Cereal Insa-nanny-ty and some knuckleheads quest for a commercial free Childhood. Really the commercials during Saturday morning cartoons didn't have an affect on me. Now excuse me while I put on my Levis, tie my nikes and start my toyota so it's nice and warm when I head to work.

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Woohoo! Great job, Phinneus.

Hey. Would you like to...uh...exchange links? Cuz' I read you ALL the time.

Posted by: sadie at January 23, 2006 02:38 PM

i think the following was a very good observation from hannity that could be helpful to republicans against hillary clinton in 2008

hannity commented hillary clinton seems to lack a talent bill c had.
hannity noted when bill c attended the funeral for ron brown and was not aware that television cameras were recording, bill c was videoed to be laughing. the moment bill c noticed the television cameras were recording bill c immediately tried to appear as sad.
hannity noted hillary c seems to forget that she is being recorded by the television cameras and goes on ranting and raving. hannity made this comment over hillary c's speech at the martin luther king day observation in harlem.
i looked up in google with search term = president bill clinton at the funeral of ron brown and there is photographic evidence.
GOD bless everyone

Posted by: red state voter living in a blue state at January 23, 2006 08:41 PM