Fashion sense

William Teach of The Pirates Cove discussed one of the many reasons why men hate shopping.

The same Metrosexual Sonsahbeeches's in charge of the inventories that require advanced seasonal purchase swear that Pink is the new Brown. Does anything scream, look at me I'm a raging homo more than a guy in a pastel pink shirt and low rise jeans? Not that there's anything wrong with being raging homo, it's just not my cup of herbal tea.

Why it is now impossible to walk into a clothing store and find regular fit clothes in relatively normal colors? If it isn't Muscle Cut(read gay), Vintage Fit(read uber-gay) or Slim Fit(read my birth name is Frank, but my friends call me Francis) it's pastel. When it comes to jeans they're boot-cut, low-rise, relaxed-fit, baggy, tapered, not straight-leg, etc..., WTF happened to regular fitting jeans?

The person that felt it'd be a great idea to market low rise jeans to the men of America needs to tote a good ole southern ass whippin'. Plumber's crack really was bad enough prior to the advent of the gonad strangling dungaree impostors. It wasn't so bad seeing the tops of thongs, on certain young ladies and even some not so young ladies, well until I read this article, however the low rise jeans bit is a trend that should have never jumped the sex barrier.

It shouldn't take two hours for an average sized guy, 6'3" tall - 180 pounds, to find a couple of shirts and some decent fitting jeans; however the last time the missus drug me to the mall to buy replacement jeans it took every bit of two hours. Really since when is any self-respecting man going to own a closet full of pastel shirts and low rise jeans?

Posted by phineas g. at 09:23 AM on October 31, 2005 | TrackBack

Found the easy button: Old Navy. 2 pairs of jeans and a pair of cargo pants in less then 1/2 hour.

Posted by: William Teach at October 31, 2005 10:31 AM

Relaxed fit jeans are a lifesaver for us fat guys.

Posted by: Brian B at October 31, 2005 03:29 PM