Mission Impossible IIIV

The theme: finding a pair of chinos / khakis for somebody, namely me. I'd never considered myself to be an anomaly, a figment in the fashion world's imagination so it seems. Apparently I am.

For the past month, ever since accepting the new job, I've been improving my wardrobe. The missus and I have been steadily replacing my trusted jeans and t-shirts with button up shirts and chinos, well we've been trying too.

Judging by the sizes available the world is dominated by short fat men, at least that's what the fasionistas would have you believe. Really, it shouldn't take two months to find a pair of brown, plain front chinos, but it did. Now had I been a couple of inches shorter and or a couple of inches rounder it wouldn't have been a problem. Over twelve stores were searched for a pair of britches with 33" / 34" measurements.

Last night I finally conceded, admitted my defeat, and bought two pairs of 34" / 34"'s.

I'm thinking of starting a weekly ritual of strapping midgets to the rack and stretching the little rascals out. Perhaps with a couple more folks 6'3" and 170lbs I'd be able to find some pants that fit.

I bet I wouldn't have this problem if Melissa Theuriau ruled the world.

Speaking of sweet, sweet Melissa she's been notably absent from this blogs fair pages for all too long.

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